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Welcome on my own website (home - page). Through this portal you will be able to find in the simplest manner all up-to-date information about everything relevant that happens in the fascinating world of chess. Chess column by the world's best writers, chess politics (probably more than you are willing to stomach) and websites that can take you to all corners of the world of chess, not just in English but in all the major languages. The most active websites can be accessed through LINKS from where you may be directed to those other websites that their editors consider to be of the utmost importance.

Do you want to remain completely in the know, then the following information and initiatives are also important. Chess is expanding all the time through the internet: correspondence chess, distance learning, exchange of information, new organisations en resistence against autocratic behaviour by chess politicians and chess managers. Chess is further not possible without (a) board, pieces and (preferably) a good chess clock; (b) an opponent; (c) organisations that perfectly manage affairs and enforce rules.

(ad a) Our own websites are aimed in the first place at those people among our readers who are looking for a better bargain because they purchase for their club, school or organisation (minimum € 200,= per order), and those shops that retail to chess players. But to start a commercial relationship we are prepared to send you samples if the pictures do not suffice (i.e. if you reimburse us for those samples + mailing charges). We are manufacturers, distributors, importers and wholesalers of those Basic Chess Supplies that are used the most worldwide. We specialise in the Chess-in-Schools system, scholastic chess and junior chess at club level. Please read through our Step-by-Step method (= Six Step Plan), tried out for over 25 years in the Netherlands, and in print since 1988. It has now been translated into English, French and German. You can order it through us. We also will train you so you can become a certified Chess Trainer and Teacher.

(ad b) You will find opponents in a chess club in your municipality, on the internet or through a (scholastic) chess course. The federation in your country will assist you here. If they are interested in our course, please ask them to contact us. The other LINKS can assist you on the internet in England, Germany, the United States of America and Canada, or through FIDE - in the other 158 countries where chess is played worldwide. If you do not get the information you want, feel free to send us a short E-mail:

(ad c) Our federation - the Royal Netherlands Chess Federation (KNSB - we are based in the Netherlands) is already more than 100 years the organisation that manages chess in this country. It was among others also one of the founding members in 1924 of FIDE (World Chess Federation / Fédération Internationale des Echecs). Alexander Rueb - a Dutchman - was the initiator. Our KNSB is perfectly organised (and could serve as an example to federations in distress). It works very closely with the Netherlands Federation for Sports (NSF) and is subsidised by the Government. Unfortunately, FIDE has been going through a period of great disagreement (at least 15 years, some claim for 20 years). Our initiative is the Action Committee for a Democratic FIDE (in Dutch) Actiecommittee voor meer Democratie in het Schaken . We are a group of people who already have had conversations for over two years by E-mail and though the internet - discussion groups (fora) for exchange of information. We sincerely wish that things would change, and that e.g. the multiple World titles are finally unified. Without being interested in any effective power within FIDE itself, we try to act as a catalyst for change within worldwide chess organisation, and in particular within FIDE.

Do you want to participate in this effort (an on-going process that might take another two years), and/ or when you wish to comment on our Open Letter to the President of FIDE and to all chess federations, please do not hesitate to get into touch with us. Do you want to become a member of one of the fora/ discussion groups on the internet (English), please also tell us.

We wish you a lot of reading and chess playing fun.